IDMAJ grew out of a desire for youth to help other youth. It was first created to empower youth and help them instill their own positive values in their peers who come from the underserved and marginalized ranks of society. Its members are trained to become leaders in their societies and positive citizens in their countries.

Through workshops on leadership, team work, volunteerism, citizenship, mutual respect and tolerance, members are prepared to work with at risk and vulnerable youth in their own communities and neighborhoods. More than 90 percent of IDMAJ members come from disadvantaged circumstances in underserved, modest or poor neighborhoods. They know intrinsically the needs, preoccupations, hopes and frustrations of the young population in these neighborhoods. They serve as examples to all the kids. They can show them the way and help them differentiate between good and bad. Through action, passion and patience, they lead the way for others to follow, convincing them that with education, hard work, perseverance, dignity and faith they can leave misery behind and pave the way for a prosperous future.

IDMAJ gives the youth opportunities and hope for the future and helps them to maintain a positive, goal-oriented attitude to become good citizens and future leaders who will be able to contribute to the development of their community and country.