Written on 01/26/2017

Idmaj is also participating in several intercultural projects and exchanges with schools in the United States such as the Global Voices project with Syracuse University and the School2School project with Grand Rapids high school.


Sidi Moumen Cultural Center  has a long standing and quite wonderful project with Syracuse University and Baker high school linking Moroccan students with American students in producing photos, essays and short videos. Our joint Photo Voice and Literacy project bring together students from Morocco and USA, via skype, social media, and email, in order to help them develop research, reading, writing, comprehension, and cultural literacy skills. We believe that our project will become a template for other communities, in our two countries and elsewhere, to learn about each other’s cultures and values and to implement future iterations of such programs to help students become better citizens of the world.


For the second consecutive year, students from Sidi Moumen Cultural Center and Grand Rapids High School are engaging in virtual classroom-to-classroom exchanges. The core element of the S-2-S experience is for students from both sides to learn about each other’s cultures through taking part in bi-weekly Skype sessions, producing and sharing videos, engaging in parallel activities and having a pen pal relationship with a peer from the partner school. The topics for discussion include: Youth participation in social issues, diversity in our communities, day-to-day life, environmental concerns and planning for the future.